"Toast products help me train-in-pain, overcome injuries and enable me to warm-up faster - resulting in more productive workouts."

Shane Valko, MMA Fighter (2010 NCAA Wrestling National Champion, Three time NCAA All-American Wrestler)
"This stuff is amazing! After sparring, lifting, and drilling, I have to put on the Screamin' Menthol. I get an immediate relief from the aches and pains so that I can continue training. The UFC is full of tough guys and I have to be ready to perform at my highest level when I am in the cage. Thanks Toast! You rock!"

Adam Milstead, UFC Heavyweight
"I've been using Toast products for years. Why? They work. The art of training is to push the body as hard as it can be pushed without overtraining or getting injured. The art is riding that line. Sometimes the line gets crossed and that's where Toast comes in. It keeps my clients and I consistently training throughout the year despite various "tweaks" and aches that happen from hard training.
I train a very wide range of clients from pro athletes, teenagers, to adults up to 65 years old.  With the Toast blend of products it's not hard to find a solution for each of my clients "tweaks". Toast plays an important role in keeping my clients training hard despite bumps and bruises. I personally use it regularly in my quest to hit an elite drug free total in powerlifting. I'm closing in on 40 years old and I need everything on my side to keep my healthy and training consistently.”
Scott Umberger, Umberger Performance

"Great products. Not just for the athlete or former athlete. Can very beneficial for all the weekend warriors out there. Toast products are used by my entire family." 
Shawn Wooden, retired NFL player - Miami Dolphins
"I love the products. I use them daily on my knee to help give me some warmth in and around the joint."
Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis, UFC Light Heavyweight
"I have been using Toast products for about a year now and have to admit that our patient base as a whole has undoubtedly leaned towards Toast analgesics when given 3 different samples of leading brands to try in office and at home. We have seen a steady increase in our sales of Toast and know that the product they offer is first rate and works! I have been in practice for 11 years and run 4 offices treating everyone from young children to the elderly and have found a specific product that fits in with every patient we treat. We have a wide range of high school to professional athletes that have chosen Toast as their go to for pre and post workout therapy and to get the edge on the competition. Toast products were made to reduce the muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, sports injuries and physical rehabilitation and that is very true but it's the trust that you get from the patients who use it where the real value is. I will continue to offer my patient's the absolute best nutritional and analgesic products on the market and Toast is at the forefront."
Isaac Greeley, D.C., The Rehab Centre
"Toast products allow me to perform at my maximum potential. I have to be on my game for the people who trust me to work with them or their child. Toast products allow me to do that."
Brian Barca, Founder Training KAMP Baseball
"I played catcher in softball for 17 years and developed a lot of pain in my knees. When a friend introduced me to Toast it helped my knees tremendously. I also gave Toast to my chiropractor and recommended it to her. It has worked so well, I have even needed it less and less."
Tracy S., Philadelphia, PA
"Toast has been a miracle in helping me push through tough training days whether it's elbow arthritis, shoulder soreness, or stiff muscles in my lower back. I've used other similar products throughout my four years playing college football and after experiencing Toast, I wish I would have had access to your product. It's unbelievable how much better I feel after using Toast and stretching for 5-10 minutes. I've started using it as recovery as well on non-training days. I'm thrilled with the results and thankful that I've added Toast to my training supplements."
Casey Williams, Pittsburgh, PA
Record holder bench press, dead lift and total record in IPA Jr Division. All-time world record squat and total for 220lb raw drug tested division.
"I apply Toast Screamin' Menthol before bed to my arthritic hip and I wake up in the morning able to to walk down my steps without pain or fear of falling."
Elaine., West Chester County, NY.
"Toast Screamin' Hot has been the best product to help quickly warm stiff and achy joints prior to working out. Toast Screamin' Menthol has worked great for strained muscles and tendinitis."
Dr. Dustin Ziegler, Chiropractor